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Traveling acquire a vision to people. That's why I love traveling. Our new route is again to Alanya, Turkey. There are many beautiful beaches in Alanya. For this reason, I love to take a vacation in Alanya. We have the chance to organize many events in Alanya. In a previous article, we wrote an article about boat tours to spend quality activities by visiting beautiful bays. You can click here to read that wonderful article. ALANYA BOAT TOURIn this article, I will give you information about the safari tour with Jeep and buggy for those who want to do a different activity after enjoying the sea and the sun on the beach. Yes, as there are lively nights and beautiful beaches in Alanya, there are also very nice buggy tracks! I would like to give you information about Jeep safari tour Alanya and Buggy safari tour Alanya, which I had the opportunity to experience before and which I liked very much.

First of all, I have to say that it is very relaxing to leave myself to the beautiful sea of Alanya due to the workload. Doing small action activities while relaxing in this peaceful way makes the holiday even more beautiful. That's why I make a buggy safari tour in Alanya. I had a really good quality time. You are making a journey in nature. You feel yourself in a movie while passing through muddy roads with the magic of the trees around you. I will not write about the sea view you encounter at the end of the road while passing through the trees. No spoilers… You should definitely go to Alanya and experience this tour and see it with your own eyes. Before the tour, necessary safety training and safety equipment are provided. You will see two options.

Jeep Safari Tour Alanya

One of them is the Jeep Safari Tour Alanya. You can take a safari tour with an open-top Jeep that will overcome all the obstacles in its way. During this time, you will pass through very beautiful landscapes. If you want, you can take a video or photo and share it with your friends on social media. I am sure there will be very good quality photos. There is no question that you will have time to watch a lot. Also, don't be afraid of getting wet and dirty. This is part of a beautiful safari tour in Alanya. Tours take approximately 7 hours. The villages that were toured on the tour were very beautiful. An excellent waterfall is visited. Very good idea to rent a jeep for a group of friends.

Buggy safari tour Alanya

Another option is the buggy safari tour, which is more actionable. You are driving a buggy on the tour route. Control is in your hands. Here I love this feeling. You can pass through the mud and water as you wish. A truly excellent experience. The buggy safari tour is for those who like a little more excitement and it contains more adrenaline than a Jeep tour. Tour takes approximately 2.5 hours. My choice was the Buggy safari tour. 

I can guarantee you that no matter which one you choose, you will have a really good day. You will see enough nature and the sea. You should add a Jeep safari tour or a Buggy safari tour to your calm and peaceful Alanya holiday. If you have come to Alanya on holiday, I definitely recommend you to pamper yourself by doing such activities. The things that I liked the most during the tour were the views of the surrounding orange, banana, and olive trees. If you come here, don't forget to stop by the Dim Dam.

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour| Buggy Safari Adventure in Alanya Alanya Buggy Safari Tour| Buggy Safari Adventure in Alanya
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Brand: Alanya Safari Tours Tour / Service: Buggy Safari
Alanya Buggy Safari | Buggy Safari Adventure in Alanya Tours & Excursions:Do you wonder what a special thing to do in Alanya ? Welcome to the newest and ultimate adventure activity – Buggy Safari tour at the Taurus Mountains in Alanya!Never been on a buggy bike before? Don’t worry. Mos..
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Alanya Jeep Safari Alanya Jeep Safari
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Brand: Alanya Safari Tours Tour / Service: Jeep Safari
ALANYA JEEP SAFARI TOUR ITINERARY:*Pick-up from hotels by jeeps*Joining our other safari jeeps*Starting safari and drive among the villages and fruit (orange, lemon, banana ext) gardens*Visiting a small waterfall near obaçay river and having a photo break*Drive up to the Taurus mountains*Photo break..
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Green Canyon Jeep Safari | Green Canyon Tour Alanya Green Canyon Jeep Safari | Green Canyon Tour Alanya
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Brand: Alanya Safari Tours Tour / Service: 105
Green Canyon Jeep Safari | Green Canyon Tour AlanyaTake in the excitement & beauty of nature and the culture of Turkey. Enjoy a full-day off the beaten track seeing this picturesque area of oymapınar dam (built on manavgat river ) area where is called green canyon.You will be amazed by green can..
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Quad Safari Tour Alanya | Quad Safari at the Taurus Mountains Quad Safari Tour Alanya | Quad Safari at the Taurus Mountains
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Brand: Alanya Safari Tours Tour / Service: Quad Safari
Quad Safari Tour Alanya | Quad Safari at the Taurus MountainsRide your very own quad bike through the largest moving mud and dust mass in Southern Turkey. Spend over 2,5 exhilarating hours driving through the excellent natures,pine forests, deep valleys,muddy streams of Taurus Mountains and have unf..
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Rafting and Buggy Safari From Alanya Rafting and Buggy Safari From Alanya
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Brand: Alanya Safari Tours Tour / Service: Buggy Safari
Rafting and Buggy Safari From AlanyaTOUR DETAILSRafting and buggy safari visit from Alanya is a magnificent energy visit blend that we offer in a one-day visit in the Beskonak Koprulu canyon public park. Rafting is an adrenaline sport that should be possible by anybody of any age with no medical con..
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Sapadere Canyon Tour Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour Alanya
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Brand: Alanya Safari Tours Tour / Service: Safari 001
Sapadere Canyon Tour: Charming nature scenes, waterfalls, butterflies, fresh air and cool water. Take a walk along the Sapadere canyon escape from summer heat of Alanya coast.If you have already visit Dim and Oba rivers where you can go in Alanya We recommend you to visit Sapadere Canyon and mo..
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