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Blog Alanya Tour 23 Dec 0 1993
If you need a vacation with a nice speech, good weather and a relaxing atmosphere, but also wants to have the opportunity to explore nature and Turkish culture, then Alanya City Tour is the right place for you. The currency in Turkey was also a lot stronger a couple of years ago. So right now, Alanya is a quite cheap place to go on holiday and rela..
Blog Alanya Tour 22 Dec 0 3000
In hot summer days, people go on various holidays to get away from work, have fun, socialize and enjoy the summer season. Of course, the sea comes first to people's mind when it comes to summer. Nobody refuses to take a vacation by the sea with an ice cold beer on a hot sunny days. In addition, people want to spend their limited time in the most e..
Blog Alanya Tour 02 Aug 0 1548
We can say that the Alanian fortress this year had a good rest from visits: they decreased due to the coronavirus by 54%. For 10 months of 2020, only 69 thousand people visited it. For comparison: over the same period last year, the number of visitors almost reached 210 thousand.The main attraction of Alanya is the medieval citadel of Alanya Kalesi..
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