If you need a vacation with a nice speech, good weather and a relaxing atmosphere, but also wants to have the opportunity to explore nature and Turkish culture, then Alanya City Tour is the right place for you. The currency in Turkey was also a lot stronger a couple of years ago. So right now, Alanya is a quite cheap place to go on holiday and relax. In this Article, I'll tell you about historical places, some of the markets, what to do and where to shop in this Turkish paradise.

The Cleopatra Beach is really nice, but there's also a lot to do around the city.

The main street with many shops for tourists is called ETA to pull out here you can find many different stores, souvenir stations and delicious opportunities for your mouth. And, I also enjoy eating at some of the local restaurants as well. Many of them are located on a site right near the Ataturk Boulevard.

And it is easy to see that this is a place where locals eat because they'll serve traditional Turkish food. And besides being tasty, the food is also really cheap. You can also find these local places in the city. I have put the address below. The apple is also something you must try in Turkey. It is quite sweet, but I really like the flavor and you drink it in these traditional small glasses, so it is a different experience than usual.

There are several markets in AlanyaTour and I will mention two of them, which I really like. The first one you must visit if you're in Alanya on a Friday, is a food market (Alanya Bazaar). This market is really close to Ataturk Boulevard and it's called Pasash. The market sells a lot of food and it is definitely worth a visit because the food here is so fresh and tasty compared to the food you might buy in the supermarkets at home. I almost turn into a food aholic in this paradise and I can't help buying all kinds of food like peaches, plums, grapes, etc. and I do it without regret because the food is so cheap. This SecondMarket I'll talk about, especially Busari or on English Balik (Fish) Bazaar, where you can buy other stuff than just food. It is open on Tuesdays.

It is a little further away from the city center, but you can go there by Alanya TaxiTranfer or taking the bus. The bus is cheaper, but the taxi might be faster. And speaking about taxis, I would suggest that you either negotiate on the price before going all. You at least make sure that he put the taxi meter on or you can order Transfer from AlanyaTransfer Company. https://mytransferalanya.com/en/ Also You can find here Shuttle Antalya airport Transfer and Shuttle Gazipasa Airport Transfer

If you arrive by the main gate, you'll see a big building where you can buy fresh fish inside the market. There's also a lot of vegetables and fruit stalls and if you continue food to market, you'll get to the area with all the clothes and souvenirs. If you like markets with all the smells, temptations and atmosphere.

This Tuesday market is a great place to go. Remember to bargain when there isn't a label with a price tag on a product. If you want to go on a trip to the sea and explore the area around Alanya, you can go down to the harbor where there's a lot of big decorative ships in front of every ship. There's a booth where somebody is going to tell you why their boat tour is the best. Don't accept a first offer because you should always back. And therefore, I also recommend you to go to different sellers to hear about their prices and what is included in that to as many of the boats offered the same trip. So it depends on which boat you want to be on and what price you want to pay. If you have found the same two or cheaper at another place, let the salesperson know and he might give you the tour to the same price. This tip is also good in the Alanya tour ships.

I wanted to go Alanya diving and by talking to different places I could save up to fifteen dollars. If you're interested in knowing more about diving, I have made another Article with more pictures about what you can see under the surface and I put a link at the end of this Blog Article. Another thing you can do in Alanya City Tour above the surface is going to the tower. Not only is it extremely cheap, but you also get to enjoy this beautiful view.

Alanya The Red Tower was built in twelve hundred twenty six and it played a huge role in defending and protecting Alanya from enemies. Today, the tower is considered to be one of the most important symbols of the city. The tower is four to three meters tall. That is one hundred and eight feet. So you have a really good view over Alanya that eighty five steps to the top. But if you have problems with your knees, you might want to skip going to. Because some of the steps are quite steep, the tower is every day and you can buy a single ticket to the tower that will cost you less than one dollar.

However, for two dollars, you allowed entrance to the tower, The Alanya Shipyard and the selective cave. These places are really worth a visit as well. The shipyard is close to the tower. You'll just follow a path of the tower. So it is quite easy to get there. There are still many parts of ships and equipment from D, so you get a good impression on how the ships were made centuries ago. But the structure of the shipyard itself is also quite impressive. The last place you can visit on the same two dollar ticket is that, which is a cape. This cave is almost two kilometers from the tower, so it will take you around 30 minutes to get there from the tower depending on how fast you walk. However, you don't have to see the Damlataş cave the same day because when you buy a two dollar ticket, it is valid for two days.

This cave was found in nineteen forty eight by accident and today it is visited by thousands of people every year. Even though the cave isn't huge, it is without question with every person. I just love being in a selective cave because these are artwork and masterpieces form by nature. If you want to see a bigger cave, that's a bigger cave near and then called democracy the cave. I haven't been there myself yet, but it should also be quite impressive.

You can go down a tour by taking a taxi, renting a car or taking the local bus. You can also visit Alanya Castle, either by foot or by Alanya cablecar. Resim

The Alanya cable car is close to the cave. That's also a very good view from the castle. And it is even better when you bring something cold to drink.

Every time I've been to Turkey, I always get a wellness treatment called Hamam or Alanya Hammam is a hot steam Turkish bathin Alanya, followed by a massage. Basically, you have your skin exfoliated and peeled, which leaves it so soft afterwards. In these pictures, the big marble room is where the magic happens to Great.

Alanya Hammam is my favorite place to get a hamam because besides the normal treatment, there's also a spa and steam room with mental that is included in the treatment. Even though this is not the traditional way of getting a hammam, yet it makes a difference so much better. In my opinion.

All we did was below. But no matter what place you choose, it's a really good idea to get a hammam in the beginning of your trip because your suntan will be so much better and cheaper wanted. That skin has been peeled off. When you're walking around in Alanya, you'll notice a lot of stores selling all kinds of adventures around Alanya.

One of them is Alanya Parasaling. My brave mom and I tried it for thirty three dollars each and it was really one of the best things I've ever tried. I even thought it was better than parachuting, which I did in Australia a couple of years ago. I like paragliding so much better because you're sitting in a chair and therefore you feel more relaxed. Or at least I did. The View was also amazing. You're in here for around fifteen minutes and if you're up for it, you can also get your adrenaline up before you go down. Yep, I certainly did.

If you truly want to see a more traditional and authentic place in Alanya, then I suggest you take Alanya Safari. Alanya Safari Tours drives up in the mountains and you'll see the most beautiful view, but you will also experience the local life in the mountains. And let's not forget, I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised of how steep the roads are in the mountains. So this is actually an adventure in itself.

if you like to shop, walk around in the bazaar and find some cheap souvenirs in this area. There's also a lot of jewelry shops. You can also go to Alanya. It is a shopping center. And even though it isn't the biggest, there are some really nice shops and a great food court. The good thing about it is that this shopping center has a lot of shops for the locals, so you can easily find things to a very good price. You can take the bus to the mall and it will cost you less than one dollar in transportation.

Another reason why I visit Mekas is because there are many international products that are so much cheaper here. And speaking of prices, I cannot talk about Alanya without mentioning the fact that there's so much you can do for a cheap price. You can get a haircut for around 15 dollars, which is just as good as a professional back home. A Brazilian wax is around eighteen dollars. So to be honest, when I was there, I have a lot of my personal meetings done. There are also many chefs that sell dresses. So if you're looking for a wedding dress organized with one evening, you have come to the right place. Not only at is stunning, but also cheaper. So this is the end of my article. Thank you for reading.

Feel free to comment below if you have any other questions, other good travel tips in Alanya. Have a nice day. Bye.